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famous outlaws from kentucky

With his brother Frank, he was leader of the James-Younger Gang, they formed with associates. So common were these occurrences that there arose a genre of songs known as Appalachian Murdered Girl Ballads. According to Ariadne Blayde, . Street Outlaws star Christopher Scott Ellis, best known by the nickname "Kentucky," has died at the age of 39. He ambushed his victims at night wearing a black frock coat, so as not to be easily detected. In 1897, Cassidy robbed a coal companys payroll of $7000. After his first train robbery in 1866 historys first peacetime train robbery a passenger identified Franks brother, John, and two other gang members, who were arrested. ",, Internet Broadway Database person ID not in Wikidata, Articles with dead external links from May 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Short description is different from Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Articles lacking reliable references from June 2022, BLP articles lacking sources from June 2022, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Author, called the state's first important novelist, Writer of novels, memoirs, and regional histories, Spent academic career partly at University of Kentucky, retired to, Kentucky-born Canadian poet, writer, editor, Iconic explorer and trapper, first entered Kentucky on hunting expeditions in 1767, carved Wilderness Trail from Eastern Tennessee through Cumberland Gap into Central Kentucky to Kentucky River; established his fort, Boonesborough, in, Actor, director, narrator in radio, film, TV, Actor, producer, musician , singer, three-time oscar nominee, painter, Religious humorist; television personality (, Lived in Louisville from 1960 until his death including the entire time of his rise to fame, Actor and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, 61st Governor of Kentucky; 49th Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky and Attorney General of Kentucky, 53rd Governor of Kentucky, 19711974; 45th Lieutenant Governor 19671971; U.S. Ill pray til I die! On his body were discovered his trademark mask and some loot from previous robberies. Required fields are marked *. Your email address will not be published. After the gunsmoke dissipated, Fisher took over as gang leader, and over subsequent months, defended his leadership claim by killing seven more bandits. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. He first gained fame as a member of the Black Hills Bandits, a gang that staged the biggest train robbery in the history of the Union Pacific Railroad in 1878 near Big Springs, Nevada, netting $60,000 in newly minted $20 gold coins from the express car, plus $1300 and gold watches from passengers. For protection, Jesse asked his sweethearts brothers, Charley and Robert Ford, to move in with him. The American Wild West includes the history, folklore, people, and events of the mid-1800s to the beginning of the 20th century (though some people date it up to the 1920s). Born in Utah to British immigrants who had arrived in Utah as Mormon pioneers, Robert Leroy Parker (1866 1908), AKA Butch Cassidy, left home as a teen to work on a dairy farm. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Designed using Nevark Premium. He torpedoed his chances by robbing another Union Pacific in 1900, while the negotiations were ongoing and in breach of a promise he made the governor. His crime spree began when he was just 18 years old after shooting Jake Lewis for beating up his younger brother. Geronimo was a prominent leader of the Bedonkohe Apache, who was also known for his Chiricahua name, Goyathlay or Goyahkla or one who yawns. Jesse was twice wounded during the war, the second occurring at wars end when he was shot in the chest by Union cavalry as he tried to surrender. Man leads woman on a walk or a ride into the wilderness. He was arrested for murder, but charges were dropped for lack of evidence. Jesse Woodson James was an American outlaw, bank and train robber, guerrilla, and leader of the James-Younger Gang. Some say he even had a confrontation with the famous Wyatt Earp. As always, we appreciate your support. A noted lawman before he turned to being a gunfighter and an outlaw, Webb was a high profile criminal who used his connections to his advantage. Born Nathaniel Ellsworth Wyatt, Zip was also known for his other aliases, Wild Charlie and Dick Yeager. And throughout, banks were a standby target of choice. Find a Grave. Known as Deacon Jim because he regularly attended the Methodist church and did not smoke or drink, he was also a paid assassin with a going rate of $150 to $2000. He couldnt shoot when I came near him. Charles Earl Boles, AKA Black Bart (1829 after 1888) was born in England, before his family emigrated to New York in 1831. Fugitive slaves were a particular concern in Kentucky, bordered to the north by the free states of Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana. Victims included their own children. Five shots were fired from the guns of three FBI agents. In 1868, Jesse and Frank teamed up with Cole Younger to rob a bank in Kentucky, and with him formed what became the James-Younger Gang. At age 14, he entered a closed store and stole jeans and a pie, leaving behind an IOU. Born in the Indian Territory in todays Oklahoma to a Creek Indian father and an African American mother, Rufus Buck (1877 1896) formed a multi-ethnic gang of teenagers all Indians, African Americans, or mixed race. Some of those listed may have also served in law enforcement, like Marshal Burt Alvord who subsequently became an outlaw, and some outlaws like Johnny Ringo were deputized at one time or another. He stood there helpless and trembling for his life. He was mentored by a cattle rustler named Mike Cassidy, whose surname he adopted, and a subsequent job as a butcher earned him the nickname Butch. At least two of their rape victims died of their injuries. He was also a heavy-drinker and while working as a tax collector has accidentally killed Marshal Fred White. Philippe P tain (CC BY 2.0) by Cassowary Colorizations Philippe Ptain (1856-1951) Philippe Ptain went from being one of France's greatest heroes from World War I to a vilified figure . He then spent the majority of his life being pursued by the law until he was captured in 1878. Fleeing, he dropped some personal items, including a handkerchief with a laundry mark. The train taking them to jail in Seymour, Indiana, was stopped by masked vigilantes, who lynched the three prisoners. The bank robber's car was purportedly found near the base of Goat's Bluff on the Illinois River after he was chased by the police. Michael Foust, Obituary of LaVerne Butler, Learn how and when to remove this template message, United States Ambassador to the United Nations, List of Kentucky women in the civil rights era, List of people from the Louisville metropolitan area, "Pamela Brown baby in Governor's Mansion is now a CNN national news correspondent", "Bell Hooks Biography life, childhood, children, name, school, mother, young, book, information, born", "Kentuckian's zombie comic strip leads to AMC series", "Kentucky's Mammoth Cave is way cool to tour", "Kit Carson Museum on the Santa Fe Trail", "Higgins Counter Terrorism Research Center Lt. Col. William R. Higgins USMC", United States Army Center of Military History, "UN ambassador Craft to welcome University of Kentucky trustees", Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, "Jack Brammer, Sara Beth Gregory wins election to fill David Williams' state Senate seat, December 18, 2012", "Gregory is county's new senator: Higdon no longer represents Taylor County", "Membership of the Kentucky General Assembly, 19002000", "Attorney General: James Speed (18641865)", "Biographical Directory of Federal JudgesVinson, Clyde Roger", "Membership of Kentucky House of Representatives, 19002000", "Senate President David Williams resigns to accept circuit judgeship", "Two state incumbents fall in primary, May 21, 2014", "Max Wise Republican Candidate for KY State Senate 16th District, March 28, 2014", "Whitney Young, civil rights administrator", "Ron Ziegler, Press Secretary to Nixon, Is Dead at 63", "SR 98: Resolution proclaiming Larnelle Harris Day", "Kentucky Governor Fletcher Announces 2006 Music Hall Of Fame Inductees", "Professor of Physics, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Senior Associate Dean of Digital Learning Massachusetts Institute of Technology", "George Devol: A Life Devoted to Invention, and Robots", "NASA Names Rex Geveden New Chief Engineer", National Aeronautics and Space Administration, "Chris Dowe Player Profile, Maccabi Haifa, News, Stats - Eurobasket", "SR 126 Resolution Honoring Steve Finley", "Tyson Gay and Jeremy Wariner tune up for Osaka with wins at London Grand Prix", "After 10 years on his school team, Holmes joins the PGA Tour varsity", "Jon Rauch Stats, Bio, Photos, Highlights", "Coach: UK offensive lineman Warford has NFL talent", "The American Woodsman: Our Namesake and Inspiration", "The "River Artist" of Kentucky, Paul Sawyier", "Cartoonist GroupBackground about Bruce Tinsley", "Anne Braden, 81, Activist in Civil Rights and Other Causes, Dies", "10 Worst Jobs in Sports: No. John King Fisher. He never fired his weapon, and sometimes left behind handwritten poems, which further enhanced his notoriety and gained him the nickname Black Bart the Poet. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. The following dawn, Bowdre emerged from the house to feed the horses, and was immediately shot multiple times and fell back into the house, mortally wounded. Born Robert Leroy Parker, Butch Cassidy was the leader of the Wild Bunch Gang who became notorious for robbing trains and banks in the American West. The witness was shot dead soon thereafter, at which point the other passengers refused to testify and the charges were dropped. One of the most famous members of the James-Younger Gang, he became a criminal for robbing banks, stage coaches and trains. Sam Bass (1851 - 1878) tried his hand at a succession of legal professions, and worked as a farmer, miner, cowboy, teamster, and saloon owner, but he was a degenerate gambler, and his persistent losses in gambling dens and the race track eventually led him to try his hand at robbery. A notorious outlaw of the late 19th century in Arizona and New Mexico, he was first enlisted as an Apache scout to fight off the numerous raiding bands of the Apaches that harassed the early settlers before he became a renegade. His last name, Cassidy, was a tribute to his friend and mentor Mike Cassidy who taught him how to shoot. In 1903, in a daring move worthy of a movie, Curry choked a guard with a wire, escaping the jail never to be seen in Knoxville again. He was later fired for picking fights with drunks and was hired as an assistant marshal in Caldwell. Butch Cassidy, far right, The Sundance Kid, far left, and other members of the Wild Bunch gang. He was lynched by an angry mob in 1884. Old West Outlaw List - Last Name Begins With P-Q . Surprisingly, for a man so violent, he died in a routine accident in 1887 when he fell off a wagon, and its wheel rolled over him and broke his neck. Black Pistons MC (Motorcycle Club) November 29, 2015 March 31, 2017 OnePercenterBikers . Some listed were never gunfighters. Bowdre wound up on the losing side of the conflict, and the Regulators, now led by Billy the Kid, became a cattle thieving gang, appropriately renamed the Rustlers. He and his gang terrorized the Indian Territory for over two years before he was hanged on March 17, 1896 at the age of 20. Member of Kentucky House of Representatives from District 7, Member of the Kentucky House of Representatives from District 52, Member of the Kentucky State Senate from 1987 to 2012, president of the state Senate from 2000 to 2012; Republican U.S. Senate nominee in 1992, gubernatorial nominee in 2011; current 40th District circuit judge, Member of the Kentucky State Senate from District 16 in south central Kentucky, former FBI agent, Born, reared, and resides in Campbellsville in Taylor County, Country and comedy musician, member of the, "Old time" country and gospel music singer, member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and, Singer-songwriter, dancer, record producer, actress, and model, Soul jazz piano player and vocalist; crossover artist into R&B and soul, Former guitarist for hard rock groups Kingdom Come, Wild Horses and Warrant, Princeton University astrophysical sciences professor and Doomsday argument theory, NASA scientist, associate director of NASA's Ames Research Center, "Mars czar", 1993 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, Olympic and professional boxing champion and activist, Virginia Tech Defensive Coordinator 19952019, First woman to make solo crossing of Atlantic Ocean by rowboat or ski to geographic South Pole, Professional basketball player in NBA and for, C.A.R.T. Born in 1847 and raised in the "Little Dixie . In the meantime, the region saw a boom in banditry as violent criminals, many of whom frequently transitioned from outlaws to lawmen and back again, crossing and recrossing that line multiple times during their lifetimes, gave in to the temptation of easy riches in a region abounding with readily portable wealth, be it cash, gold, cattle or horses. The journey was arduous, reducing the party down to Helm and a man named Burton. and Formula 1 auto racer; winner of 1985 Indianapolis 500, Pro golfer, 2017 PGA Championship champion, Civil rights activist, journalist, educator, Born in Beverly, seven miles (11km) south of, Historian credited with preserving much of Kentucky's history, Railroad engineer of song; killed trying to stop a train collision; subject of a, Elementary school teacher and contestant from, First openly gay noncelibate Episcopal bishop, This page was last edited on 27 March 2023, at 01:58. Besides banks, they also robbed stage coaches and trains but their luck ran out in a botched bank robbery on September 7, 1876. 13. In 1880, Bowdre joined the Rustlers in a failed attempt to assassinate lawman Pat Garrett. We have had a few horrific homicides over the years, and here are 10 of them: 7. Some individuals, like Jesse James, became outlaws after serving in the Civil War. Jesse and Frank James, for example, took occasional sabbaticals from bank and train robbing, traveling to East Tennessee, and seeking refuge in the Old Washington community in Rhea County. Stagecoaches became a primary target for outlaws before the arrival of the railroad, because they frequently transported valuables and payrolls in their strongboxes, and required relatively little effort to rob aside from the robbers audacity. She was pardoned by the governor upon learning that she was pregnant. Harpe slowed and was captured, forced to stand face-to-face with Moses Stegall who brandished a knife in one hand and a gun in the other, pointed at Bigs face. He was tried, but acquitted. The Earps, in their capacity as US Marshals, then charged Stillwell with the federal crime of interference with a mail carrier, which created a perception that Stillwell was being persecuted, and led soon thereafter to the assassination of Wyatts brother, Morgan Earp. Marshal Virgil Earp and Cochise County, Arizona Sheriff Johnny Behan. When he unexpectedly succeeded in escaping, they killed his assistant in frustration. A gunfight ensued, and Bowdre and the surviving Rustlers fled to an isolated stone house hideout. Outlaws MC Bluegrass Chapter (Lexington Area) Outlaws MC Bowlingreen Chapter; Outlaws MC Elizabethtown Chapter; . Stillwell settled the dispute by grabbing a rock and smashing in his rivals face until he was dead. At 10:50 p.m. on July 22, 1934, John Dillinger was pronounced dead . A few days later, they robbed a salesman, stripped him naked, and offered him a chance to escape. If there were outlaws that became legends for living fast and dying young, the duo of Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Champion Barrow takes the cake as shown in the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde. They formed the band the Barrow Gang, along with Clydes brother and sister-in-law Buck and Blanche as they went on a robbing and killing spree across Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. In 1868, Jesse and Frank James teamed up with Cole Younger to rob a bank in Kentucky, and formed with him the James-Younger Gang. Spouse: Zerelda Mimms. On August 4th, they raped a woman in front of her husband, whom they held at bay with rifles. After appeals were exhausted, Rufus Buck and his gang were hanged on July 1, 1896. A hunt for the Harpes ensued. Why would its outlaws be any different? The Bandit Queen was born Myra Maybelle Shirley Reed Starr before becaming a notorious outlaw. On the evening of November 6, 1908, the boarding house was surrounded. During this time of expansion from coast to coast, many people rose to fame through their exciting (and often illegal) lives. Harvard Magazine. Membership fluctuated from robbery to robbery, as the outlaws' raids were usually separated by many months. The United States relentlessly pushed its frontier westward during the 19th century in pursuit of Manifest Destiny, steadily populating vast swathes with a relentless stream of new arrivals who upped stakes and abandoned their homes in pursuit of dreams of greener pastures and a fresh start in the American West. Woman loves man and man loves (or pretends to love) woman. When asked by a deputy sheriff if he had a gun, Bass replied yes, and shot him dead. In 1906, they moved to Bolivia, and worked as guards for a mining company. Soon thereafter, he recruited Harry Alonzo Longabaugh, AKA The Sundance Kid. Wonderful pictures and history well writte in another of your masterpieces, Professor! Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. 7 New York Yankees GM", "Kentucky's Historian Laureate: Thomas D. Clark", "Dannah Prather, Happy Trails Pardner: Kentuckian hands reins to Christ, now shares gospel on horseback, April. Soon thereafter, he arrived in Tombstone, where he joined the Cochise County Cowboys and began an antagonistic relationship with Wyatt Earp and his associates. He later served as a U.S . if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'list25_com-mobile-leaderboard-2','ezslot_16',185,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-list25_com-mobile-leaderboard-2-0');Born Robert Leroy Parker, Butch Cassidy was the leader of the Wild Bunch Gang who became notorious for robbing trains and banks in the American West. History Collection The Notorious Men of the Wild West, Smithsonian Magazine Gun Control Is as Old as the Old West, University of Nebraska Finding Law & Order in The Wild West, The Independent The Culture of Violence in the American West: Myth versus Reality, Gold Bug Park Black Bart: The Gentleman Bandit, Herald Democrat Sam Bass Stood Out in the Wild West, History Collection Americas First Serial Killers and Many More Deadly Historic Figures, History Channel Vigilantes Yank Train Robbers from Jail and Hang Them, Smithsonian Magazine How the Reno Gang Launched the Era of American Train Robberies, Civil War on the Western Border Jesse James and Frank James, History of Yesterday The Robin Hood of America. After the Kid returned to Mexico, he decided to stay in Texas and took a job as a deputy sheriff in Oldham County. Famous Outlaws MC Members . Born Hyman G. Neil, the leader of the Dodge City Gang that terrorized Las Vegas, New Mexico from 1879 to early 1880 was considered to be the baddest cowboy of them all. He was convicted for murder and after an unsuccessful jail break attempt; he fled to Texas and changed his name to Samuel King, where he died of smallpox in 1882. Wikimedia Commons. Bass eluded capture until one of his gang was pressured into turning informant, and told the Rangers of Bass plan to rob a bank in Round Rock, Texas. In poor health, Black Bart did not return to his family, but he did write his wife that he was depressed and wanted to get away from everybody. was an American outlaw, bank and train robber, guerrilla, and leader of the James-Younger Gang. They then raped and murdered two women and a 14-year-old girl. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, this area was a famous hideout for outlaws such as Jesse James, Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch, and . Frank Reno (1837 1868) was raised in Jackson County, Indiana, by strictly religious parents who saw to it that their children observed all the strictures, attended church regularly, and spent all day Sunday reading the Bible. Short on provisions, the men killed their horses, ate the meat, and made snowshoes out of the hides. He and three others robbed $21,000 from the San Miguel Valley Bank in Telluride in 1889, where he used his share to buy the infamous Hole-in-the-Wall ranch, which was believed to be a cover for his illegal activities. Frank Reno was then dragged from his cell in the early hours and lynched, followed soon thereafter by the remaining gang members. He likely came to Knoxville in the summer of 1901 to lie low in the aftermath of a $40,000 heist that he and cronies staged, robbing the Great Northern Express near Wagner, Montana. A zealot with nebulous ideas of triggering a Native American uprising, Buck led his gang on a depraved rampage of robbery, rape, and murder, that terrorized white settlers, Indians, and African Americans alike. Harpe Brothers - Murderous outlaws who operated in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois in the late 1700s, they are said to have been America's first serial killers. Information about the former Confederate soldier and famous outlaw from the Wild West. Michael "Johnny Behind the Deuce" O'Rourke, Jos Doroteo "Pancho Villa" Arango Armbula,, This page was last edited on 31 March 2023, at 16:14. He then tried his hand at legitimate cattle ranching, but ranch operations were frequently impeded by his violent temper. After a shootout and pursuit, only Jesse and his brother Frank escaped, with the rest of the gang killed or captured. His last name, Cassidy, was a tribute to his friend and mentor Mike Cassidy who taught him how to shoot. Eventually, they resorted to horse stealing and murdering white settlers. In February, 1905, Cassidy and Longabaugh robbed a bank in southern Argentina. 1. During a raid on the James household soon thereafter, a bomb was thrown that killed one of Jesses brothers and severed his mothers arm. That done, he would order the driver to move on, then recover the strongbox and abscond. Biography: A former confederate guerrilla during the US Civil war, Jesse James became a famous outlaw and bandit notorious for robbing banks and trains. Kid Curry Takes On the Knoxville Department, This Murder Done: Misogyny, Femicide, and Modernity in 19th Century Appalachia Murder Ballads, The Harpes Two Outlaws of Pioneer Times, The Devil in Appalachia: The Bloodthirsty Harpe Brothers, RPGs and PTSD or How Gaming Turned into Therapy. Butch Cassidy. In 1876, Allisons refusal to surrender his pistols to a constable in Las Animas, Colorado, who informed him that it was illegal to carry guns within the town limits, led to a gunfight that left the constable dead. "The Outlaw Doc") (1825-1856) John Henry "Doc" Holliday (1851-1887) Tom Horn (1860-1903) Jesse Lee Hall (1849-1911) John Reynolds Hughes (1855-1947) J Once a sidekick of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Kid Curry was, in the words of detective and bounty hunter William Pinkerton, the only criminal I know of who has not one single redeeming feature. According to Knoxville journalist Chuck Allen, the Kid earned his reputation as a gunslinger for killing nine law enforcement officers in five separate shootouts, not to mention two civilians in other circumstances. Together with their three female companions, they terrorizd an plundered whole counties in both Kentucky and Tennessee. His father who was frequently arrested for drunkenness and disorderly conduct was known in Guthrie, Oklahoma as Old Six-Shooter Bill; while his older brother, Nim, a professional gambler, was known as Six-Shooter Jack. His life as an outlaw started on June 3, 1891 when he shot up the town of Mulhall and wounded two citizens. Wyatt Earp then formed a posse and went after the suspects in the murder of his brother Morgan and the earlier shooting of his other brother, Virgil. John Johnny Ringo (1850 1882) was born in Indiana, and his family moved to Missouri in 1858, and thence to California. Pinkerton Agency detectives learned of Franks plans to rob another train, so staged an ambush, and soon as the gang boarded the train on July 9, 1868, opened fire. The Harpe Brothers from the book The World's Worst Psychopaths by Victor McQueen, Harpe Brothers - Nashville Tennessean 1938, Micajah Harpe execution - Nashville Tennessean 1963. An outlaw in Kansas and Oklahoma, he first got into trouble with the law for stealing cattle in Kansas, though he became more notorious for teaming with the outlaw fugitive Zip Wyatt in early 1890s. In 1869, Jesse murdered a cashier during a robbery, after mistaking him for the man who had killed his former guerrilla commander, "Bloody Bill' Anderson. In 1878, he escalated an argument with two Mexican cowboys by crushing the head of one with an iron rod, and shooting the other dead when he tried to draw his pistol. Marshal, the county sheriff, and the town marshal or constable. In 1869, Jesse gained notoriety when he murdered a cashier during the course of a robbery, after mistaking him for the man who had killed his former guerrilla commander, Bloody Bill Anderson. After a furious firefight, they were forced to surrender when they ran out of ammunition. Allison sided with the settlers, and took part in the lynching of a pro-landowner gunslinger. Powered by WordPress. Under the direction of their leader, William Clarke Quantrill, the ragtag raiders perfected military tactics, including disguises, coordinated and synchronized attacks, planned dispersal after an attack that used preplanned routes and relays of horses, and use of multiple .36-cal. WBUR What Drove Wild Wests Jesse James to Become an Outlaw? List25 is a registered trademark. In 1881, the brothers left Tennessee for safety reasons, and soon thereafter Frank moved to Virginia. He first garnered attention in 1870, when he led a mob that broke into a New Mexico jail, seized a deranged man suspected in the murder of a number of people, including his own daughter, and lynched him. Allison was arrested for murder, but charges were dropped after an inquiry determined that he had acted in self-defense. Champ Ferguson after he was captured by Union soldiers/ Source: Harper's Weekly, 1865, Champ Ferguson, 1865. As the dispute lingered into months, he and Cattle Kate were branded as outlaws and eventually killed. After an attack by a company of Mexican soldiers on his camp in 1858 where his mother, wife and three children were killed, he became a fierce Indian warrior, joining the Chiricahua in their numerous raids in northern Mexico and across the US borders. Though he was depicted as a cold-bloodied killer, those who knew him believed that he became an outlaw out of necessity. They also got into stagecoach and train robberies where they netted $60,000 from the gold train, the largest robbery of the Union Pacific. Frank and two gang members were arrested but released on bail. True West Magazine Wyatt Earp A Murderer Or? By that time, the brothers exploits were legendary. In the 1870s a young Ringo moved to Texas, and by 1875 had joined a gang and participated in its depredations during a period of lawlessness and revenge killings between factions of German settlers and natural-born Americans in Mason County, Texas, that became known as the Mason County War. It was a civilised society in so many ways, yet so benighted and backward in others. "Killer" Miller John Wesley Hardin He was shot in the back of his head on April 3, 1882 in his own home by his trusted friend, Robert Ford, who was hoping to collect the reward money. Charles Bowdre (1848 1880) was born in Georgia and moved with his family to Mississippi as a child. One agreed to testify against Frank, but was murdered before the trial, and Frank was acquitted. Jesse James (1847 1882) was born and raised in a part of Missouri that had strong Southern sympathies, and when the Civil War broke out, he joined pro-Confederacy guerrillas led by men such as Bloody Bill Anderson and William Quantrill, who committed sundry atrocities during the conflict in which Jesse and his elder brother Frank took part. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. Arrested, Ringo escaped from jail and fled to Arizona. They returned to Argentina later that year and robbed a bank, then fled back to Chile. He styled himself a gunslinger, and proved himself one when a dispute over sharing the loot triggered a shootout during which a teenage Fisher killed three fellow bandits. He earned a DDS degree in dentistry before he became a renowned gambler and gunfighter. Taken into Muskogee, the gang barely escaped lynching by a Creek mob, which dispersed only after a tribal chief pleaded with them, and the US Marshals vowed to shoot the first man who tried to seize their prisoners. He used his high ranking political position to cover up most of the gangs crimes, but the citizens of Las Vegas had enough of his corruption and they organized vigilantes to overthrow him in the summer of 1880. doniphan, mo hanging tree, performance evaluation goals for medical assistants,

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